GSX Techedu Inc. (GSX): Check on its recent ratings


GSX Techedu Inc. (NYSE:GSX) changes shares on Monday trading session, with a change of 20.82% or $8.96 shares. The trading starts at $43.01 and closed at $43.04 throughout the day. The trading session low price was $42.82 and day high was $55.88 on Monday, June 15. After the session, the Consumer Defensive sector daily volume shifted to 27.39 million while its average volume is 5.99M. In other hand, the GSX market cap reached to $11.39B. While, its current target price is $52.00 according to WSJ.

Checking out the performance report which defines the increase or decrease of prices for a specific period. For the last 5 trading sessions, its performance is up 29.68% and up 48.87% for month. Its quarterly performance was 38.67% above, while its half year performance is up 162.63%. GSX yearly performance stood at positive 447.37% and rise 137.88% for year-to-date. Current recommendation for GSX Techedu Inc. is 2.40.

Earnings per share or EPS is an important financial measure, which defines the profitability of a company. GSX EPS (TTM) for 12-month is 0.19. EPS for this year is 135.30%, while for the next year its value is 5.36. Its EPS Q/Q reached 538.60%.

Let’s take a look on the analyst recommendations on GSX for the current month and previous month. For the current month, 8 of 12 analysts recommend stock as Buy while 2 as Sell, 0 as overweight, 0 as underweight and 2 as Hold. As compared with the previous month ratings, 12 analysts participate in stock recommendation. Out of 12, 2 rated it sell, 7 rated it as Buy and 3 as Hold Ratings. On the other hand, target price ranges from $213.00-$457.52. Average target price for GSX was reached at $330.17.

The institutional holding shifted to 20.60%.

The company posted an EPS (TTM) of 0.19. According to the most recent quarter report on (Jun 2020), 3 analysts estimated an average EPS of 0.05, while 0.01 EPS posted a year ago period. Analyst Estimated EPS for GSX published in the report was 0.03-0.08 during the same period. Comparing with last year, the average estimated EPS was 0.01 which is lower than 0.11 which was posted for recent quarter EPS.

A brief look on simple moving average (SMA) that determines the market price can impact a market. The SMA for GSX rise 88.71% for period of 200 days. SMA for 50 days was 46.48% which is showing green signal, while SMA-20 was 46.96%. The moving average value for GSX Techedu Inc. (GSX) is 33.84 and 37.12 for 200 and 50 days respectively.