MFS High Income Municipal Trust (CXE): Facts to know about CXE?


Checking out the performance report which defines the increase or decrease of prices for a specific period. For the last 5 trading sessions, its performance is up 0.43% and up 8.11% for month. Its quarterly performance was 8.08% above, while its half year performance is down -13.32%. CXE yearly performance stood at negative -9.48% and fall -13.01% for year-to-date.

Earnings per share or EPS is an important financial measure, which defines the profitability of a company. CXE EPS (TTM) for 12-month is 0.51.

The institutional holding shifted to 23.72%.

A brief look on simple moving average (SMA) that determines the market price can impact a market. The SMA for CXE fall -7.31% for period of 200 days. SMA for 50 days was 6.31% which is showing green signal, while SMA-20 was 3.33%. The moving average value for MFS High Income Municipal Trust (CXE) is 4.9199 and 4.4546 for 200 and 50 days respectively.