$3.16 – $3.31: Is it good range for Alliance Resource Partners L.P. (ARLP)


Alliance Resource Partners L.P. (NASDAQ:ARLP) changes shares on Tuesday trading session, with a change of 3.48% or $0.11 shares. The trading starts at $3.20 and closed at $3.16 throughout the day. The trading session low price was $3.16 and day high was $3.31 on Tuesday, August 04. After the session, the Energy sector daily volume shifted to 0.39 million while its average volume is 756.24K. In other hand, the ARLP market cap reached to $426.08M.

On March 13, 2020, BRIEF-Alliance Resource Partners – On March 9, Co And Unit Entered Into Fifth Amended And Restated Credit Agreement With Various Financial Institutions. According to the news reported on Reuters, * ALLIANCE RESOURCE PARTNERS LP – ON MARCH 9, CO AND UNIT ENTERED INTO FIFTH AMENDED AND RESTATED CREDIT AGREEMENT WITH VARIOUS FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS

Checking out the performance report which defines the increase or decrease of prices for a specific period. For the last 5 trading sessions, its performance is down -0.30% and down -4.11% for month. Its quarterly performance was -5.76% below, while its half year performance is down -63.50%. ARLP yearly performance stood at negative -80.85% and fall -69.78% for year-to-date. Current recommendation for Alliance Resource Partners L.P. is 2.30.

Earnings per share or EPS is an important financial measure, which defines the profitability of a company. ARLP EPS (TTM) for 12-month is -1.00. EPS for this year is 11.70%, while for the next year its value is 0.00. Its EPS Q/Q reached -152.80%. It has an EPS of -8.20% down for past five years and for the next five years will be down -6.83%.

Magnolia Group, LLC, Energy Income Partners, LLC and Morgan Stanley are the top three holders in Alliance Resource Partners L.P. (ARLP) stock. On Jun 29, 2020, Magnolia Group, LLC has 5.12 million shares which valued 16.7 million. On Mar 30, 2020, Energy Income Partners, LLC owned 4.71 million shares which valued at 14.59 million. On Mar 30, 2020, Morgan Stanley has a total of 1.57 million shares which valued at 4.86 million. In the end, Morgan Stanley have 1.23% shares outstanding of Alliance Resource Partners L.P. (ARLP) on Mar 30, 2020. The insider ownership moved to 16.60% and institutional holding shifted to 17.60%.

The company posted an EPS (TTM) of -1.00. According to the most recent quarter report on (Sep 2020), 2 analysts estimated an average EPS of -0.15, while 0.42 EPS posted a year ago period. Analyst Estimated EPS for ARLP published in the report was -$0.19 – -$0.12 during the same period. Comparing with last year, the average estimated EPS was 0.42 which is higher than -0.37 which was posted for recent quarter EPS.

A brief look on simple moving average (SMA) that determines the market price can impact a market. The SMA for ARLP fall -52.12% for period of 200 days. SMA for 50 days was -4.33% which is showing red signal, while SMA-20 was 0.66%. The moving average value for Alliance Resource Partners L.P. (ARLP) is 4.6261 and 3.3383 for 200 and 50 days respectively.

Let’s take a look on the insider transactions, in which multiple shareholders are showing interest in ARLP stock. On Jun 12, Fouch Robert J, VP, Controller and CAO, bought 46,318 trading shares at the cost of $4.01, which valued at 0.19 million. On May 12, Fouch Robert J, VP, Controller and CAO, sold 59,065 shares at the cost of $3.25, with total shares of 0. On Oct 30, Fouch Robert J, VP, Controller and CAO, bought 5,000 shares at the cost of 10.95. After this transaction, Fouch Robert J total shares reached to 55,137 which valued at 54766.0.