Meet our dedicated

Editorial Team

Julia Sullivan

Health and Biotech

I am Julia Sullivan, I have done my bachelor’s in English literature, and further on I did my master’s in Medicines. My most preferred genre of writing is health and biotech. I have been writing from the past 6 years about articles, web content, and blogs. I use to teach business and technical writing in a very famous university. However, most recently I am working as an instructor, designer, and training writer. I enjoy socializing a lot. I am a very big extrovert when it comes to nature. A part of all this I enjoy exploring the world and traveling makes me happy.

Steve Autran

Editorial Support

Passionate for travelling, I love helping people discover efficient solutions to their problems. I strongly believe that listening to our customers is the best way to improve our products.

Nichole Bradley

Technology and Business

I am known as Nichole Bradley, I am a writer and an industrialist by profession. My age is 32 years. My aim is to gather the attention of the targeted audience without being boring and unexciting. I like to utilize the free time in writing my views and thoughts for my book lovers or readers. My most preferred articles are usually about technology and business. When it comes to my free time or you can say ‘ME-TIME’, I love to play with my cat, sleep an extra hour, or play my favorite video games. My Friends call me "NERD GAMER"

Mike Perry

Finance and Real Estate

I have worked for the stock market industry for 4 years. Finance and Real-Estate news grasp my attention the most. In early days, I started my journey with an ordinary author. Moving forward with great hard work and passion I achieve a higher position. As I believe in working hard and putting the soul in my work, In My spare time, Hiking, running and strategy games, I like them all. Spending most of the time playing with data and I develop and test new features. Between reearch I’m delighted to go back to my first love - detailed research - and give a helping hand to our editorial team.